5 hurdy gurdy moments in Eluveitie that give me ultimate goosebumps

5 hurdy gurdy moments in Eluveitie that give me ultimate goosebumps

For “What are your favourite hurdy gurdy moments in…” question there is only one answer.

“All of them.”


Listening to the hurdy gurdy is like balm to one’s heart. It was not easy to pick only 5 of my favourite hurdy gurdy parts in Eluveitie songs. But after a while of listening, comparing and debating with myself, I came up with this little list. Links to the songs are hidden in the descriptions.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic: here are the 5 hurdy gurdy moments in Eluveitie that give me ultimate goosebumps!


5.The Uprising

It is a quite fast song, that deals with the topic of Gaulish revolt against Julius Caesar. The rebellion was led by Vercingetorix, king of Arverni tribe. He managed to unite Celtic tribes (they did not live as one society or state) for the sake of freedom, deliverance from Roman terror. After quite a successful first phase of the uprising, came horrifying defeat, battle of Alesia and imprisonment of Vercingetorix. His execution took place 5 years later.

This song is his call to fight. Vercingetorix calls upon uniting against Rome’s blind greediness and destruction of Gaulish people. This is the last chance. Without unity – they’re lost. King’s desperate question “Will you ally with us?” contrasts with battlecry: “Unite! This is Gallia uprising!”.

After galloping for a while, the song turns into cheif’s speech. It’s elevated and grievous. And it’s ending is crowned with a beautiful melody for hurdy gurdy and bagpipes. Bold and epic – this is a melody, that leads Gallia to the battlefield. To honourable death.

Vercingetorix throws down his arms at the feet of Julius Caesar, painting by Lionel Royer


4.Calling the rain

This is one of my favourite Eluveitie songs in general. The topic here is the cycle of life, death and rebirth – a common Celtic belief. It’s often depicted with a seed imagery. It’s burried and has to die in order to bloom.

The hurdy gurdy appears on the very beginning, slowly emerging from the mist. The melody is vivid and vital. It represent the true call for the rain – call for water, for life, for rebirth.



Speak of the devil. 😉 Rebirth is the first metal song we recorded together, so it has a very special place in my heart. I also hope it has a spark of uniqueness amongst Eluveitie songs: we let the hurdy gurdy shred!

… and glow… 😉



Similarly to The Uprising, this song addresses the atrocity of Romans against Gaulish people. The “lucrative genocide” turns children, women and men into nil – they perish, as if they’d never existed.

And then, after ingesting such a great amount of emotions, right when you already hate Roman Empire with all your heart, there comes this part.

No other song makes me so furious on stage. I simply love this melody. The emotions it bears are incomparable.

But there is one more song… This one song, that beats Nil‘s epicness…



“…and there was nothing.”

Not true at all. There was my ultimate #1 hurdy gurdy part in Eluveitie history.

The world is collapsing. Fire is purifying the Earth from the futile. Water baptises the world for metamorphosis into a sacred place. Suddenly, from chaos, there is this melody emerging in full glory.

And it blows my mind every single time.



There is one more reason, why Inception is special to me. You will get to know it soon.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Difficult to pick a favorite Eluveitie song, but one of my favorite songs is Alesia. Such a powerful song filled with emotion. It springs vivid images of ancient and forgotten times, of the sad story of the Gauls.

    Oh, and I know that this is slightly off topic, but since I know you’re a witcher fan, I think you’ll definitely want to see what these guys are doing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH2STnqE6RQ

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