5 not so obvious things, that joining Eluveitie brought into my life

5 not so obvious things, that joining Eluveitie brought into my life

Playing the hurdy gurdy all the time and traveling around the world. Besides the obvious, joining Eluveitie introduced me to many new things that don’t come up to mind in the first second. Here’s 5 less obvious things, that joining the band brought into my life.


Let’s gooo! 😀


  1. My fear of airports got crushed


We know, that bands travel, but we seldom think about how they do it. Besides touring with a bus, I spend a lot of time at the airport nowadays.


And it actually used to be my worst nightmare.


I remember being lost at the airport every time before. It was extremely confusing and I had to learn the order again and again: bags, security, gate. Screen is here, shows the counter, then the gate. So many people, so little time.


And then suddenly I started flying 100 times a year. Obviously, the destination excited me to the point, where I just went there and found my way: bags, security, gate, Eluveitie.

I made a short video presenting our crazy life on tour, see below:




  1. Summer lasts 5 seconds

We play plenty of summer festivals. It’s lovely and I enjoy it to the fullest. Plus it’s actually warm when you get up at 3 am to catch that flight. Yet it makes the summer pass by super quickly. It’s May and then it’s September. With many trips, like Metaldays in Slovenia or Download in France this year, but still. 3 months gone in 5 seconds.


  1. “New face, who dis?”

This one is more obvious than the others, but I got better at make-up. Before that – I kept things as basic as possible. 90% of the time my middle name was “Make-Up”, only because the first was “No”. But with great stages comes the great responsibility and I decided to take things to the next level.

I educated myself with youtube videos and tutorials.I also bought my first eyeshadow palette that time. My blending brush had stiff hair and looked like the thing you grease the cast with before you bake apple pie. But I got better and now I can even glue my false lashes straight. Yeah.


  1.  All the food

I like food. The really nice bonus that comes with travelling is food. When I traveled before Eluveitie, I did it for food. :3 So I got to try sushi in Japan, solyanka in Russia, falafel in Tel Aviv, pizza in Italy and amazing cheese every time in Switzerland. And bretzel. I love bretzel.


  1.  I understood that idols are humans

I met a few musicians that I adore backstage. Heck, I joined a band consisting of my idols. I always imagined the musicians I loved as divine entities that live on art and drink morning dew for breakfast. The truth is they are people like me and you, who were just determined enough to go all in on their passion. They had the patience, persistence and strength to win in a super difficult environment. Which makes it even better.

Becoming a touring musician allowed me to understand who they are and how they feel. If they’re not super pumped to sign your cd just before the show, it’s not your fault: maybe they have the smallest backstage in their lifes today, maybe tourbus microwave exploded, maybe they miss home.

“Yayaaauu” – Alexi Laiho

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a blast. Maybe you’ll post more videos while touring with Eluveitie. The old videos from the eluveitie youtube channel were really fun to watch.

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