If you’re looking for a real rockstar amongst the hurdy gurdyists, today is your day. Here he is, on the biggest stages. In the brightest spotlights. The loudest hurdy gurdy player (Robert Plant’s words!): NIGEL EATON.


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Before we indulge in his music – let’s take a look at some general facts about Nigel Eaton. 1981 marks the year when he started his path as a hurdy gurdyist. He has released 2 solo albums: The Music of the Hurdy-Gurdy and Pandemonium. Moreover – has worked together with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Loreena McKennitt, Blowzabella and many, many more.

Nigel took part in recording many movie soundtracks, including Robin Hood (2010), Kingdom of Heaven, Aliens (yes, THIS Aliens!) and Tulip Fever.

After this short introduction we proceed straight to the link heap! Enjoy some master hurdy gurdy playing!

Nigel Eaton
Robert Plant totally approves.


1.Hurdy gurdy solo for Robert Plant & Jimmy Page shows back then in the ’90ties

2.One of my super favourite hurdy gurdy tunes ever – Kate at the gate

3.Nottingham burns from Robin Hood

4.The lovliest Halsway Scottische


I encourage you to explore the works of Nigel on his Youtube channel.

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  1. Started listening to his albums on spotify, every song is a trip to another era, I feel like I’m at the court of a medieval castle. Great musician, thanks!

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