I’m all about the hurdy gurdy. Part 3 – MY HURDY GURDY HEROES #1: Thierry Nouat

I’m all about the hurdy gurdy. Part 3 – MY HURDY GURDY HEROES #1: Thierry Nouat

Whatever you do, inspiration is essential to enhance your progress. And one of the best inspiration sources are mentors and idols. Today I want to start a series within a series and invite you to meet my hurdy gurdy mentors.


I never had a teacher, but I had the internet, where you can have as many teachers as you wish. And I watched as many hurdy gurdy videos as possible. Mastery is pleasant to witness, so I go back to them often and I just ingest everything: the joy of playing, the instrument itself, the artistry, the feeling. Although I didn’t meet any of my idols yet, I hope for that. But until that day, I’ll just melt in front of youtube.

Today I present you my all time favourite hurdy gurdy player.


My #1 hurdy gurdy hero


He’s brilliant. He’s cool. He’s French. His name is Thierry Nouat and he is an ultimate hurdy shredder.  Boldness and recklesness make his style distinctive. Playing technique – 11/10. Thierry performs traditional folk music, classical and own, rather modern compositions. Recently plays in French folk band, Novar.

Words don’t do it justice, so let the music speak. Here we go with the hurdy candy.


Mesmerising La Course à la Vie by Thierry Nouat played on Sebastian Hilsmann’s LARGO:


Il Pastor Fido nr 6 in G Minor by Chedeville

Bourree by Novar

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