Less ambience, more science

Less ambience, more science

Last week was the first anniversary of Ancient Made Present! And on that occasion, we’ll redecorate this place a bit.

So I am really happy to see you here again and I’m hurrying to tell you, why there was no posts over here recently.

For the longest time now I’ve been trying to work out where I should go with Ancient Made Present. It was not clear at all for me. At first – meaning: until last June – I was just wandering around, trying out different topics and figuring out how to approach the main idea, basically how the ancient wisdom can influence our modern lives.

I felt there was a vital meaning to it, but I could not put my finger on it and my search was futile. For the last few months it’s been haunting me: what do I want Ancient Made Present to be and what message do I want it to broadcast.

During that time…

…I’ve been doing a lot of different things, that one way or another intertwined with the concept:

  • I’ve been recording “Ategnatos” album with Eluveitie  – which “contemplates primal mythological images from the viewpoint of our modern lives” (Chrigel’s words).
  • We’ve been on tour in Central and South America – and playing live shows with Eluveitie is nothing less than bringing ancient music to the modern audience! 🙂
  • I’ve opened online store with folk instruments, T-shirts and jewelry together with my fiance – www.ancestore.eu.
  • We started building our own gurdies for that store – https://ancestore.eu/en_US/p/Hurdy-Gurdy-Saphona/54
  • I have started writing my master thesis, which is, roughly, about norse mythology in popular culture

As you can see, “ancient made present” is an ongoing motive in my life. And you can imagine how frustrating it is, when you have something in the back of your head constantly and it manifests itself in your life, but you can not express or grasp it in any way.

I was digesting it 24/7 and in the same time I could not write anything I’d be content with: I didn’t know which topics to choose and even if I chose one, I didn’t know how to write about it and explain it in a way that would convey, what’s in my heart. I had no idea how could I communicate it. So I didn’t write anything at all.

But then I stumbled upon something, that started
slowly unraveling the whole mystery for me.

More ambience, less science?

That’s right, “more ambience, less science” is what I wrote in the description of the concept Ancient Made Present a few months ago. And – ironically – it turned out to be completely wrong!

First of all, it’s not in line with my personality at all. But at the time I was writing it, I thought that maybe this is the way to run this blog.

I’m an orderly person and I feel the need to organize everything, and most importantly – I feel the urge to practicality. If I’m going to spend time on doing something, I want to make sure I can have a practical benefit out of it. And don’t get me wrong, I consider, for instance, enjoying a piece of art practical! It’s pleasant, I feel better, which results in more positivity and motivation and bang! I get more stuff done all of the sudden!

I’m not drawn to “ambience” in the sense of free artistic spirit and abstract, vague expression.

So I’ve always held the practical side of mythology and stories dearly and that’s why I love it. Myths and legends show us, how we should live. But I myself couldn’t elaborate on it any more than in the previous sentence. It was constantly in the back of my head. I’ve been trying to grasp it with the help of literary theories, history, archeology, philosophy, but I knew too little to do it.

How I figured it out

Finally my struggles were solved by science: psychology. And more specifically the works of Jordan Peterson. It was like an epiphany. Suddenly everything I could not articulate myself has been told as clear as never before and it made perfect sense. It aligned with what I’ve been sensing, and damn does it feel good!!!

Peterson can explain things with precision I’ve never heard before. He put many, many years in understanding concepts that have been baffling me for a long time. And he’s able to clarify them on an uncanny level. I have sure had some revelations while listening to his lectures and reading his books.

I also started a group on facebook, where I will post everything (books, quotes, songs, videos) that inspire me when I prepare new posts – and you can do this as well there! Then we can discuss and exchange ideas and I’d be very happy to do it with you!

Before you join Ancient Made Present (that’s the name of the group), I ask you – why. 🙂 That will help me discover your interests and get to know you more! It’s very important for me, because I want to create articles that will be interesting and entertaining for you.

You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1370302283106121/edit/

So that’s it for now. 🙂 Thank you for reading this and sticking around, see you soon again in the next post!

15 Replies to “Less ambience, more science”

  1. So now we’ll get to read about how “postmodern neo-marxists” and “political correctness” are threathening western civilization and “free speech”? How the “cure” to men’s violence is “enforced monogamy”? Or how women’s empowerment wasn’t such a good decision since it “plummeted birth rates”?

    1. Please, Peterson has so much more to offer than that, and it isn‘t even a correct representation of his stance… watch for example the first episode of the biblical lectures to get a grasp what he is really about.

      1. I had my share of Peterson enough to give me a massive headache. He’s obsessed about “political correctness”, “neo-marxism”, “traditional roles”, everything is “wrong” with today because we don’t live like in the “good ol’ days”.
        I don’t have time to watch his hour long “lectures”. I have better things to enjoy. I’ve tortured myself enough reading his interviews and quotes. Absolutely mental.

      2. I’d rather read books by actual historians and archeologists like Barry Cunliffe if I want to learn more about the celts.

    2. Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about Peterson.
      Even if you don’t like what he says, Full Context leads to better understanding.

      1. That’s the problem, I’ve not “heard”, I’ve read his actual interviews, tweets, enough to give me a massive migraine. Not to mention his fanbase, only religious nutter, convervatives and right wingers who think they’re “opressed” by “sjw, political correctness, libtards and feminists”. Have you even read the comments on his tweets or youtube videos ?

        1. So what you’re saying is…. your lobster?

          “That’s the problem, I’ve not “heard”, I’ve read his actual interviews,”

          Actually, that is the problem. I don’t think those evil “SJW” and the threat of free speech being removed is remotely close to becoming the problem that he makes it out to be, ( though it does have some pretty serious issues) however, he is hands down one of the most misrepresented people in the media. Which is exactly why you need to actually watch / listen to his interviews to get the full context.

          I’m not kidding, nearly every single article I’ve read on him, or interview that he’s given, has been grossly taken out of context. And if you’re basing your opinions of him on the type of crowd he attracts through YouTube comments and tweets, well then…….. yikes.

          Ultra far right wing people tend to be… well, not the sharpest knives in the drawer. They’re constantly trying to co-opt everything, and if you say something even slightly critical of the left, they jump to you like you’re some sort of alt – right hero. Even though, Peterson is constantly criticizing the right.

          But politics aside, he is a fantastic speaker and a great psychologist. There’s actually a lot of brilliant minds that hold some pretty stupid political opinions. That’s not out of the ordinary.

          1. Ok, let me rephrase this, I’ve actually WATCHED some of his “brilliant life altering interviews”, and it made my head hurt. He has these super conservative ideas about marriage, gender roles and “meaning of life” that would make a priest from my country roll his eyes, unless he is super conservative, and I’m from Romania, we are really religious(mostly orthodox).
            Nothing that he says is new, is thousands of years old Christian dogma spoken in fancy words wearing suit that attracts millions of youtube viewers because americans are freaking conservative.
            Nonsense that “we need enforced monogamy in order to reduce men’s violence”, how according to this brilliant psychologist men who are violent stop being violent if they have a “loving woman”, and promiscuous men are more violent then monogamous men.

            How come the domestic violence towards women and children is so high then ? If all the violence and unhappiness will magically go away by being married and having kids?
            Every day I read another news how a husband has beaten his wife and kids. These are really frequent in Romania, especially in the rural area, where guess what, people are “really godly”.
            “Atheism leads to totalitarianism” because according to the most brilliant psychologist of our times, if you don’t believe in a God(not sure if that has to be the Christian god or just any other god, he doesn’t mention that) you become a narcissist egomaniac and develop totalitarian ideas.
            Yeah, because every godly person is so kind and happy and altruistic, and doesn’t judge, doesn’t punish, doesn’t rape, doesn’t kill, ever. How about the Inquisition ? How about all the priests that rape children. Apparently he failed to mention them, but probably those are the “exception”, right?
            I could go on, and on, about abortion, about “what defines a man(he loves that)”, “how is bad because women became freaking independent”. Everything that this guy says I can hear it from a priest, nothing new under the sun. He is just a middle-aged man who thinks like an 19th century person and preaches like pastor but instead of churches he is using youtube or facebook(aren’t those marxists inventions?).

            So no, I don’t have the time, interest nor patience to listen to any more of his drivel unless I want to give myself a massive headache.

        2. Cosmin, I understand what bothers you, I truly do. I have to say though, that your generalisation is a weak argument, because first of all it is not true at all (I for instance don’t consider myself oppressed in any way shape or form, quite the contrary) and second of all – evil/stupid people can be attracted to amazing things, like for example Nazis were attracted to Norse mythology and this fact does not make the thing itself any less amazing. Then you criticise Peterson as a person and you don’t have tools to criticise his works, because, as you said yourself, < >.

          1. Honestly I don’t know how you found out about this guy, but I did by accident someone posted something, or youtube algorithm “recommended” some of his video, which was something about “Jordan Peterson destroys a liberal”, and I was watching some video of some band or something, but youtube is in the habit of “recommending” politics videos.

            I mean if you google him or type his name on youtube this is what you’ll get. Something about “neomarxism”, “cultural marxism” and other conspiracy “theories”, which in fact are conspiracy speculations. You don’t have enough evidence to make theory.

            I know you might be in the minority and probably don’t agree with his political views, but if you read the comments on most of his videos that his famous for, is about politics and the vast majority of his audience are conservative and right wingers.
            Guy is famous for this stuff. This is how I heard about him. Honestly I’ve searched his “lectures”, and seriously don’t have time nor patience to listen to him interpret the bible for 2 and half hours.
            He is a psychologist but is mostly known for conspiracy speculations and other unproven nonsense, that just instills fear and violence. Which discredits his other works, but hey he has to make money somehow.

    3. The topic of my blog – mythology and music – is defined and I’m not getting into politics. So the answer is no, rather not.

  2. I‘m looking forward to read what you make of his ideas 🙂 I went through the same process as you describe here, it‘s really amazing.

  3. Cosmin… mate.
    Peterson is profound.
    Please do not be negative regarding Michalina’s appreciation of this man’s epic work. I would be intrigued to find what she makes it. And I don’t want you trying to cramp her style…

  4. The link redirects me to my Welcome page on FB ?
    I would like to join because I am really interested in Norse mythology and your instrument, I like sociology and anthropology of religions and am currently writing a “master thesis” (in France, I don’t know if it’s the same level as yours) about the current attraction for yoga in our society – as a spiritual research, a way to get out of the current pressure and also a fashionable object of consumption. 🙂

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